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About Companhia Marimbondo

“Companhia Marimbondo, established in Lousã, Portugal, since 1990, has long been known as a constant source of creativity and joy. Their style of performance, sometimes alternative, satirical, broad caricature, sometimes ethereal and charming, is by now widely known throughout the country, because they have appeared in countless events of all kinds, and they imprint in everyone who has seen their wanderings and their shows a picture of enchantment which is inborn in those who live constantly with a smile on the corner of their mouths, and the twinkle of youth in their eyes.” Combining irreverently music, theatre, circus, manipulation of puppets and shapes, Companhia Marimbondo has produced festivals and events, for instance the 8th and 9th Portuguese Juggler's Convention. It also founded the festival “Marionetas ao Centro” [Puppets in Central Portugal]. In 2006, the Company won the Luk Vincent Award – 1st Prize in the International Puppet Festival at Gent, Belgium – for its show “Circo Máximo”. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!